Adding any type of sports court is a big decision, both financially and in terms of design. For those who live in cold or rainy climates, an indoor court may provide more value, as you can play all year round.

Regular sized indoor sports court dimensions are about 30'x35' with a ceiling height of at least 17'. These dimensions allow for almost any sport to be played as long as the proper accessories are purchased. Given the large dimensions of an indoor court, this area would be perfect for any sort of physical exercise: from weight lifting to Badminton to tennis.

We appreciate the importance of getting the basic right and understand that the quality of the participants and equipment is irrelevant in indoor sports if the playing surface is not up to scratch. From amateurs to elite professionals, our wooden flooring solution is perfect for almost all indoor activities, including squash, badminton, volleyball and aerobics. Not only does the durable flooring system offer the uniformity required in a sports floor for shock absorption, weight distribution and ball bounce, but also ensures the safety, comfort and consistency that players of all levels expect.