Looking for a new Spoerts court surface? YOu may be wondering what kind of benefits wooden flooring will provide your new recreation cednter or gymnasium. We shall help you decide.


Unlike concrete or asphalt, wooden flooring provides shock absorption which is very crucial to reduce injury for athletes. This works by diverting the impact force to the ground rather than the athlete's joints and ligaments.


Wooden flooring provides a uniform surface. This enables athletes to perform at their peak by not having to constantly adapt to changes in playing surfaces.


One of the main reasons why wooden flooringh is preferred is due to its strength and high durability. The making of wooden flooring is such that they are incredibly tough and will stand up to heavy football in both domestic and commercial environments. If you take proper care, wooden flooring can last for a lifetime.


Wooden flooring is easy to maintain and requires little upkeep once installed. Just mopping on a daily basis to remove dust and debris from the surface ensures nothing clings to the surface.